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We have enough water—we just waste too much of it

From Quartz Magazine, by Peter Gleick

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This essay by Peter Gleick is part of What Happens Next, the complete guide from Quartz to understanding the future. (Image from Reuters/Mike Blake)

We live in a world of peak water, where more and more regions are running up against absolute limits to its availability. The entire flow of some of our rivers, such as the Colorado River, Yellow River, and the Nile, is now consumed by humans for part or all of a year to grow food, supply our industries, and provide water for our homes and businesses. As much as a third of all food production is grown with water from non-renewable and rapidly depleting groundwater. We want more water from these sources, but they are increasingly tapped out.

The good news is that there are many strategies for addressing these challenges, including greater investment in water infrastructure, new technologies for testing and treating water, improved institutions and management strategies, and better use of economic tools. All of these strategies have a role to play in moving us on a path toward a more sustainable future...

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